Commercial Window Cleaning Service

Commercial Window Cleaning Service

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“We can reach and wash windows that other companies cannot reach”

The method of commercial window cleaning we employ is ‘reach and wash. We can reach up to the 7th floor and wash windows using a telescopic water fed pole system that are of various lengths, starting with a small pole for the ground floor all the way up to 80 foot poles that can clean the 7th floor.

The commercial window cleaning poles are water fed and attach to a reel holding 100 meters of hose which in turn is connected to our vehicles, each vehicle has a water tank on board that can hold up to 1000 litres of pure water.

We can do all of this with our feet still firmly on the ground.

We’d be very happy to discuss how we can help with your commercial window cleaning requirements. If you’re after a competitive quote please contact us to discuss your exact requirements so we can advise you how our services can be a great fit for your company.  Email us

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Commercial Window Cleaning at the Orchard Theatre in Dartford Kent

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What do commercial window cleaners do?

For many years, commercial window cleaning has been performed either by ladder, rope, and harness or by a suspended platform also known as a Boatswain’s Chair.

Modern commercial window cleaning inventions have allowed professional commercial window cleaners to now clean from the safety of the ground, eliminating any potential risks that come when using ladders, etc. 

Here at Reach and Wash commercial window cleaning, when it comes to any type of cleaning, our goal is to achieve the best possible results. Having sparkling clean windows will not only improve the appearance of your commercial property but brings a number of other benefits as well – these are discussed below.

Do commercial window cleaners use chemicals? Reach and Wash commercial window cleaners do not need to use any chemicals or cleaning products. Simply cleaning windows with purified water (water that has been filtered and does not leave any spots, marks, streaks, or deposits on your windows when dried) will accomplish the same result as using any kind of window cleaning product. Using purified water cuts down the cost and time of cleaning windows.

How do you remove bird poop from windows? Our range of commercial window cleaning tools allows us to get rid of any kind of mark or debris on a window without scratching it. Countless commercial windows are plagued by bird droppings. Getting them regularly professionally cleaned will keep your building looking its best and maintain the condition of your windows. 

Why hire a commercial window cleaning like Reach and Wash? Not only do we have the best equipment and methods when it comes to commercial window cleaning, but we can thoroughly clean your windows in half the time it would take other companies. With years of experience, we can deal with any type of window and window frame. Our commercial window cleaning knowledge will prevent any possible accidents or damages to your property. Our professional window cleaning equipment also allows us to reach difficult areas. 

Caring for and maintaining your commercial property’s windows will keep them in their best possible condition. Professionally cleaning the glass, frames, sill, and tracks and keeping them free of dirt, debris, and any other marks will ensure that they are at that high level of quality. Reach and Wash commercial window cleaners come fully insured and certified, bringing you peace of mind whilst you get your business’ windows cleaned.

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Is commercial window cleaning worth it?

For many reasons, yes it is. Many do not know it, but there are numerous benefits of window cleaning other than keeping your windows and properties looking their best. 

Letting the most amount of light into your property as possible is important. Over time, electricity bills can build up when running a business. Clean commercial windows mean more light and less need for lights turned on. Having a good amount of natural light flooding your building every day can boost employee morale. Dirty windows will lessen the amount of natural light. All sorts can build up on your commercial windows. 


Hiring commercial window cleaners on a regular basis will also improve the efficiency of your property’s heating. Dirty windows will mean that less sunlight will enter your property and the price for heating will increase. Another possibility is that dirt, oxidation, and wear and tear from the elements will cause the seals around your commercial windows to leak and drafts can then enter your property.

You may not think it, but keeping your windows clean can help improve the quality of your property’s indoor air. How so? Any kind of flame or smoke you have in your house, whether it is a candle, a fireplace, cigarette smoke, or anything that comes off from cooking can slowly build up on your windows, creating this accumulation of residual smoke. This can harm indoor air quality. Cleaning both the inside and outside of your windows regularly is a must. Mould and mildew can also build up around dirty and damp windows. Clean and well-maintained commercial windows will let sunlight in and dry out any mould spores around your windows. This will also contribute to your property’s indoor air quality.

Another benefit of commercial window cleaning services is keeping that your windows will be properly maintained, and therefore regularly examined. Any damages, breakages, cracks, or areas of concern will be noticed and brought to your attention. This will prevent any possible accidents such as pieces of your windows falling out. Commercial window cleaning services will also keep your windows in their best possible condition, saving you any repair or replacement costs in the future.


And finally – aesthetics. One of the biggest pluses of commercial window cleaning is it keeps your property looking its best. Clean windows will reflect well on your business. You can imagine what customers would think if they came to your place of business and saw filthy, unkempt windows. Bright, spacious, clean environments can make a huge difference in how a potential customer may feel about the services you offer. Keeping your company’s property clean and hygienic will also give a good impression on workers. 


How much does it cost to clean commercial windows?

Depending on the size, amount, and accessibility you have on your property, commercial window cleaning prices tend to vary. You can look to pay £100 – £1000. Schools, industrial properties, hospitals, and other large facilities may cost more. 


How often should you get commercial windows cleaned?

The number of times you get your commercial windows cleaned every year will depend on what surrounds your property and what happens inside. For example, a school by a busy road surrounded by trees and bushes will require much more regular cleans. Finger smudges, dirt, grime, bird droppings, and all sorts of other filth will accumulate on your commercial windows and will need to be cleaned.

So, how often should you get commercial windows cleaned? Some opt for monthly cleans, others every 3 months, and some places once a year. It comes down to their use, the time of year, and the type of window.

We also specialise in school window cleaning work. Please visit this page for more information.

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