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Whether you are a home owner or you manage or own a commercial property, you can’t fail to notice that the exterior of any building can become dirty and shabby looking if it is not correctly maintained.  Neglect is damaging for buildings and not only brings the whole tone of the neighbourhood down, it negatively affects property prices as well as leading to costly repairs later.

A complete building washdown service is certainly something that every property owner should consider as part of general maintenance. You should clean your property before putting it on the market or after the builders have been, in order to make it look as best as possible.

If you are using a building for commercial purposes you need to remember that first impressions count and your premises says a lot about your professionalism.

If you are considering doing a complete building washdown yourself, you do need to bear in mind that you will need to clean all parts of the building because having “missed a bit” will look glaringly obvious!  The only solution is to start at the roof and to work down to ground level.

A complete building washdown will need to be able to clean many different types of material such as brickwork, concrete, roof tiles, render and UPVC so you will need to consider your equipment and whether it is sufficient for your needs and actually be suitable for the job in hand.

A pressure washer for example can be excellent for cleaning patios and driveways but if you use it on render you will cause lasting damage to the paintwork.  In addition, you will need to consider the height of your building. Cleaning the roof for example is a difficult job if undertaken via a ladder and again if you use a pressure washer you do risk causing damage to the tiles.

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Cleaning roofs


Most roofs suffer from moss and algae build up, making it look messy and uncared for. Moss retains water so if you remove it you reduce the chances of tiles cracking in winter when it freezes. It also grows down into the gutters causing blockages leading to damp and it could potentially cause structural damage.

You can pressure wash some types of roofing but this type of cleaning is not suitable for all types of roof tile.  In addition it can be problematic getting up onto the roof and difficult to clean if balanced on a ladder.

A commercial company will be able to work from ground level using professional equipment including water fed poles so that all areas can be cleaned without causing damage to the construction and in complete safety as well.

Brick and render


Clean brickwork and render makes a building look bright and well cared for. Brick and render becomes very discoloured and stained because of pollution and other environmental factors so a complete building washdown will soon bring the colour back to life.

UPVC and cladding


Cladding can be manufactured from a range of different materials including UPVC, timber, fibre cement, glass and more so cleaning cladding will require an individual approach. You may be able to clean some surfaces with pressure washing but doing this can destroy coatings or cause damage.

In general soft washing or steam cleaning can be effective for UPVC and other types of cladding but if you are considering doing this yourself, you do need to make sure that the cleaning method you use is correct. In addition safety is a concern if the area you need to clean is situated high above ground level.

Using Traffic Film Remover to remove the build-up of pollution, oil and dust is an effective treatment. However because this is solvent based you do need to be able to clean up the residue as you work otherwise it could cause environmental damage.

Patio, driveway, walls and paths


These areas are more accessible for cleaning and can often be carried out by hand using a pressure washer.  If you already have a pressure washer you have probably already tried it out on these areas and results can be impressive. The jet of a pressure washer gets in between nooks and paving stones, blasting away dirt build up and algae. It is effective but you do need to be careful. A pressure washer can cause serious damage to surfaces and cause any loose areas to become detached and break off

The best way to carry out a complete building washdown


The best way to carry out a complete building washdown is to call in a professional service.  A professional washdown specialist will be able to clean the whole exterior of your building in one go far more effectively and quickly than you could ever do, by undertaking this time consuming and dirty job by yourself.

The professional cleaning company will have professional industrial equipment that can usually be operated from ground level. In addition a specialist will be able to use the best cleaning products to cope with the many different surfaces of the materials that are used in the construction of a building.

Whether you are a commercial company or you need to clean the exterior of your home, a professional service will guarantee great results, deal with the clean-up operation and maintain good health and safety standards.

Although we all like to carry out our own home maintenance a complete building washdown is one job that is always best left to the professionals.

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