Reach Wash Commercial Cleaning Services

Reach Wash Commercial Cleaning Services

Reach Wash commercial Cleaning services provide a regular and professional ladder-less window cleaning service, Cladding cleaning, Solar panel cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof and soft washing for all manner of buildings, ensuring our clients get the cleanest, possible results  using the safest method for the operative at at the most competitive cost.

Reach and Wash commercial window Cleaners are also part of a UK wide network of 301 ladder-less commercial window cleaners, cleaning school windows, office windows, restaurant windows, whole blocks of flats and retail park windows and other commercial type buildings throughout the UK. Cladding cleaning, Solar panel cleaning, gutter cleaning, roof and soft washing. Read how we started or set up our window cleaning business here.  Email us

Commercial Cleaning Services

We provide three specialised services that both get the job done.

Commercial Window Cleaning Service

The method of commercial or industrial cleaning windows we employ is “reach-wash”. We can reach up to the 5th floor & wash windows with our feet still firmly on the ground.

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Commercial Gutter Cleaning Service

Reach Wash commercial gutter cleaners has to be the safest and most efficient method to clean out residential and commercial gutters throughout the UK.

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Commercial Cladding Cleaning Service

Reach Wash Cladding cleaning service for all kinds of buildings in London, Kent & Essex. Cladding can look great on a building when it is clean,

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Solar panel cleaning London

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Reach Wash Solar panel  cleaning service for all kinds of buildings. Solar panels are more efficient when kept clean, email us for a quote

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What our customers say…

Don’t take it from us, see what our customers think of our services.

Holly Lovelock

“We have really clean windows for the first time in a long time, highly recommended”.

Jason Korinek

“I can highly recommend Mike and Reach and Wash industrial Window Cleaning Services. Mike has provided services for us for more than 10 years so that speaks for itself. They provide a quality service at the right price!”

Stephen S.

“Very Efficient. Our classroom windows are much cleaner now.

Kent : 01474 773350 London : 0207 112 8154

The Reach and Wash Window Cleaning Method 

You may have noticed more and more window cleaners using an enormous pole system to clean windows at a height. On the other hand, maybe you’ve better things to be doing than watching window cleaners!

Anyway, it’s called the reach and wash system and this new technology enables commercial window cleaning companies to get the job done safely, and without using any chemicals. It’s true, this fantastic method uses pure water only and we highly recommend this pole system as opposed to using ladders.

Now, it’s not rocket-science either but let’s take a close look at the process.

An Introduction to Reach and Wash Commercial Window Cleaning

While reach and wash commercial window cleaning is much safer than the traditional bucket and ladder, it must be said that this technique is just as effective. In other words, you can expect those windows to sparkle just as much as they do after a mop, squeegee and some tender loving care.

At the same time, considering the number of height-related accidents in the UK, this option is an obvious choice for companies due to safety. As professionals with many years of experience, I can confirm that we also prefer this method and appreciate being able to keep our feet on the ground during the process.

What’s more, the reach and wash method is much faster and a lot more friendly in terms of the environment. As if that’s not enough, it tends to be more cost-effective and this is something that benefits everyone involved in a sense that we want your business and you want the best price for the job. We would like to recommend this company for traditional residential window cleaning Blackheath and Greenwich Window & Gutter Cleaning Service

But how does this system work exactly?   Read more …

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