School Window Cleaning Service

School Window Cleaning Service

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Here at Reach and Wash Window Cleaning, we specialise in professional university, college, and school window cleaning. Below is discussed what our school window cleaning services involve, what system and method we use, how much we charge, the benefits of professional window cleaning services, and our credentials. 

What does school window cleaning involve?

School windows can get dirty very quickly. Smudges, marks, birds’ muck, algae, and a variety of other unknown substances can build up on school windows. This is not only unsightly but it can become unhygienic and reflect poorly on your school. Keeping public spaces clean and hygienic has never been more important than today with COVID-19 everywhere. Cleaning both internal and difficult-to-reach external windows can be a huge task. 


What system do we use to clean school windows? At Reach Wash, we use a state-of-the-art window cleaning system; it’s in our name: Reach and Wash. Our water-fed window cleaning poles can reach up to 5 stories. Instead of using ladders, ropes, scaffolding, or harnesses, we can clean even the tallest windows safely from the ground. This eliminates any safety risks while at the same time ensuring your school windows are cleaned thoroughly and professionally. 

We use purified filtered water that contains no sediments or minerals. Why? Not only does this water clean windows better, but it means we do not have to waste time drying windows. The windows dry after being washed and no spots or streaks are left, leaving a sparkling clean window. Our professional school window cleaning equipment and techniques allow us to swiftly clean any windows at the best quality. 

We use our own water in a tank in our vans along with a pump and hose reel. This allows us to clean the entire school easily as our system is completely portable. Even normally inaccessible windows can be efficiently cleaned with our expert window cleaning system.

Not only do we clean your windows, but we can also professionally clean glass canopies, internal partitions and balustrades, mirrors, and bike shelters. If your school has render or cladding that needs cleaning, look no further – please check out our render cleaning page and our cladding cleaning page for more information on that. We also do commercial and school gutter cleaning. Feel free to see our other professional cleaning services or get in touch with us by phone, contact form, email, or leave your information via ChatBot.

We keep up to date with the latest window cleaning technology and inventions and make sure to invest in them and use them on our client’s windows. Your windows will look as good as new in no time.


When should you hire Reach Wash to clean your school’s windows? We normally visit universities, colleges, and schools on the holiday weeks so as to not disrupt any students or teachers. 


How often should you arrange a school window clean a year? Many schools opt for once or twice a year. However, this number can be changed depending on your budget and the condition of your windows. 

Please get in touch with us to discuss a quote, arrange a site visit, and organise when our school window cleaners should visit. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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How much does school window cleaning cost?

There is no set price for professional school window cleaning services. But you can get a quote very easily. The best way to get a window cleaning quote is by contacting us and we will be able to view your university, college, school, or other educational property and give you an exact price.

What are the benefits of school window cleaning?

We often do not think much about the importance of having clean windows. There are a number of benefits not only for using our modern window cleaning system, but also for students and staff, and the condition of your school’s windows. Let’s discuss just some of them…

-There have been many studies done on what contributes to overall morale and productivity in schools and businesses. It has been found that a very important factor is having a good amount of natural light flooding into the building every day. Why?

There are many positive benefits when it comes to natural light. Not only does it save on electricity bills, but it increases the quality of learning. A good amount of natural light can boost eyesight, mood, and mental health for both students and staff. Letting dirt and grime build up on school windows can not only look bad and decrease natural light, but it can affect those who have to see it every day. 

-Regularly cleaning both internal and external windows also contributes to the image of the school. Large, clean, well-maintained windows look appealing on any property and reflect well on the way you run your school. 

-Another benefit when it comes to regular window cleaning sessions is you having the peace of mind that your windows are being professionally maintained and cared for. Frequently cleaning the glass, frames, seals, and tracks will ensure that your windows last a very long time and will not need replacing. Having your school windows cleaned will also allow our staff to keep an eye on your windows and check for any damages, scratches, or potential safety hazards.

Internal windows should be especially clean. However, many can be difficult to reach and clean. We have the tools and equipment to reach any internal windows and only require ladders for, especially difficult-to-reach windows.


Here at Reach Wash, we have over 30 years of experience when it comes to not only school but many other professional cleaning contracts and jobs. Dirt and grime on windows stand no chance against our experience and knowledge coupled with our quality equipment and effective methods. 

We have up to £5 million in Public Liability Insurance and all of our staff are DBS checked. Please feel free to request copies. All our staff are professional and friendly and will treat your property like their own. They work hard, are punctual and reliable, and do not waste time. Many customers are delighted with the results and happily employ our services time and again.


We also do commercial and residential window cleaning. Please visit our commercial window cleaning page for more information.


Thank you for reading and we look forward to hearing from you!

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