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We are a High Level Gutter Cleaning company and how to clean gutters on block of flats? If you watched the video above you can see how a difficult job can be made to look easy with the correct tools. A powerful wet and dry gutter vacuum, enough carbon light weight poles and the correct tools to dislodge grass and plants in downpipes and suck and lift.

Our High Level Gutter Cleaning service has to be the safest and most efficient method to clean out residential and commercial gutters throughout the UK. There is almost zero risk to the operative and the method leaves the gutters completely free of any debris, allowing rainwater to flow. Reach Wash High Level Gutter Cleaning are able to clean high rise gutters, school gutters, office gutters, factory gutters, blocks of flats gutters, hotel guttering, hospital gutters and retail park gutters.

All debris ends up in the vacuum, so there is next to no mess. No ladders are needed so there is zero risk of damage to the building or the guttering. We use up to 42 feet of light-weight carbon tubing with various attachments for dealing with all manner of blockages; It’s safe, quick and clean, plus we use a wireless camera to view the debris in the gutter so nothing gets missed. We can also record video.

It makes a lot of sense to spend a little each year keeping your gutters clean and clear so the rainwater can flow easily rather than it costing a small fortune to repair guttering that is sagging and fixing damp walls.

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We are able to jet down pipes up to 50 feet, removing any blockages that you would normally need an expensive cherry picker to access. Email us

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High-Level Gutter Cleaning


Our High-Level Gutter Cleaning service uses various systems which enable us to safely access and clean gutters in even the most challenging environments. As part of this local service, we provide gutter cleaning for schools, restaurants, office blocks, and residential buildings without causing any inconvenience to our clients. What’s more, we offer affordable prices and as a local family-owned business, we can also get the job done at your earliest convenience.

Why High-Level Gutter Cleaning is Important

Let’s be honest, gutter cleaning is usually put on the back burner and often something that gets completely ignored until it poses more serious problems. In other words, blocked gutters and clogged downpipes will often lead to structural damage or more expensive repairs at the very least.

But how can you know if there is a problem?

You see, it’s often impossible to tell what’s happening up there from the ground. Leaves and silt are known to take up residence in every nook and cranny but we need certain systems to assess the extent of this build-up in a gutter system. For this reason, gutter vacuums, cherry pickers, and jet watch systems are always the best way to approach commercial gutter cleaning.

You might also note that we do not use ladders and this ensures a more safe and efficient process.

Types of High-Level Gutter Cleaning

We offer three main services for gutter cleaning – Gutter Vacuum, Cherry Pickers, and Flushing.

Gutter Vacuum


We use lightweight carbon tubing with various attachments for gutter cleaning in hard-to-reach situations. Stretching for up to 42 feet, this tubing is highly effective and features a wireless camera that can be used to assess the extent of blockage in the gutters.

Flushing System

Leaves, silt, and even inorganic debris will eventually block the natural flow of water in the gutters. However, this also happens in the downpipes which can have the very same implications. That is to say, water damage is inevitable when these downpipes become blocked with unknown debris. We use water to flush downpipes and remove whatever debris or rubbish that might be blocking both the gutters and downpipes.

Cherry Pickers


As you may know, not every commercial building is fitted with anchor bolts for abseiling, and more specifically, not every business wants someone hanging out there in the first place. For this reason, cherry pickers are still a great option for reaching “inaccessible” gutters in, especially challenging environments.

The Benefits of Our Commercial Gutter Cleaning Services


Safer –  We do not use ladders with our Commercial gutter cleaning service to ensure no risk of damage to the guttering, building, and local environment.

Faster – As a local service, we are just as quick to inspect the property as we are to get the job done.

Cleaner – We use a gutter cleaning vacuum to ensure no mess and more removal.

Smarter – Our lightweight carbon poles are state-of-the-art and suitable for commercial environments.

Cheaper – We hate the word “cheap” but let’s face it, we are more affordable than anyone else.

We cover all of London, Kent, and Essex with our Commercial Gutter Cleaning Service.

It makes sense to maintain commercial gutters and protect against structural damage that can cost a small fortune and a lot of unnecessary hassle.  Email us

Reach Wash High-Level Gutter Cleaning

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