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"The building looks new again, thank you Reach Wash"

Reach Wash Cladding cleaning and  Building Cleaning services for all kinds of buildings in London, Kent & Essex. Cladding can look great on a building when it is clean, but if neglected it look unsightly and not very attractive for potential customers.

We recommend that you obtain a free no obligation quote from us, you will probably be surprised how inexpensive it can be. Reach Wash Cladding Cleaning & Building Cleaning services can literally clean cladding from the ground using water fed poles up to 50ft, see the pictures of us cleaning 22 units on an industrial estate in Kent using this method, we use pure water stored in tanks on our vehicles and a little traffic film remover to shift stubborn marks or stains.  Reach and Wash Commercial Window Cleaners  Reach and Wash Commercial Gutter Cleaners  

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Cladding Cleaning in Kent
Cladding Cleaning in Kent
Cladding Cleaning in Kent
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UPS Looked for a Cladding Cleaning Company

United Parcels Service in London employed Reach Wash Cladding Cleaning to wash down the distribution depot in London, here are a couple of images, will add more as we go.

UPS chose Reach Wash out of all other cladding cleaning companies

UPS at Watford asked Reach Wash Cladding Cleaners to wash down the 3 sides of there distribution depot

Cladding Cleaning in London

Reach Wash Cleaning Telehouse in the Docklands, London, a complete building wash down.

Cladding Cleaning For UPS Gatwick

UPS Gatwick requested the same service as UPS Camden and Watford, they cladding came up really nice, literally gleaming in the sun

Building Wash Down UPS Stansted

UPS Stansted a building wash down at one of there busiest depots in the south, Stansted airport

The next method is using a jet wash machine which be employed with the use of a cherry picker, this method can work well, but there is less control over the use of high volumes of water.

The last method is soft washing, much less aggressive than jet washing and no worries over damaging the surface of the cladding. Soft washing can be carried out using a low pressure washer or a 12v pump which injects a chemical. So we can use either a water fed pole to apply the solution and then a low pressure spray to rinse off. One of the major benefits of soft washing is a better brighter clean and also any organic material like lichen and moss we will be killed so the surface will remain cleaner for much longer.

Watch the video so you can get a good idea of how this last process is carried out. The surfaces that this method can clean are slate and concrete roof tiles, render, cladding and some hard wood surfaces.

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Kent : 01474 773350 – London : 0207 112 8154

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