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There are countless benefits when it comes to commercial pressure washing services. Pressure washing can become an essential property maintenance service for those who own commercial and residential property. 

Exposure to the elements and years of use can take its toll on a range of surfaces in and around your property.. Instead of using harsh cleaning chemicals to disinfect and clean those areas, commercial pressure washing services and commercial steam services can be used to efficiently clean any area just using water. 

Reach Wash’s commercial pressure washing service is one of the most thorough and inexpensive methods for property cleaning. Keeping your property in its best possible condition will save later cost for repair and replacement. Now more than ever, public areas need to be clean and sanitised and commercial steam cleaning is one of the very best ways to do that.

Below are listed the many different areas pressure washing and steam cleaning can be implemented.

Car Park Cleaning Services

Commercial car park cleaning services are crucial to anyone who owns or manages car parks. Using the latest technology, here at Reach Wash, we can remove any stain or mark from car parks. Our commercial pressure washer will allow us to thoroughly clean large areas in no time. Oil stains, graffiti, chewing gum, and any other dirt, grime, and muck can will be removed efficiently. Your car park will look new once again and inviting to any drivers.

Many car park customers will feel more at ease leaving their car for a long time in a neat and clean car park. Whether you need your car park cleaned once or regularly, Reach Wash is the car park cleaning company for you. Contact us for a quote or to discuss any car park cleaning enquiries you may have.

Driveway Cleaning Services

Cleaning a driveway – especially a large one – is a difficult task for many. Dealing with dirt, stains, lichen, moss, and weeds can be a headache if you don’t have the right equipment or time to do it. Instead of wasting hours scrubbing and removing weeds, or using harsh chemicals to clean your driveway, Reach Wash offers a professional driveway cleaning service. 

When it comes to driveway cleaning, we use a commercial pressure washer to blast away dirt, grime, stains, organic growths, and weeds. Some driveways may need to be cleaned differently as certain stones or paving have a protective layer. Resanding a driveway may be needed after it is cleaned. We’d recommend leaving the driveway cleaning to professionals. Feel free to contact us either by the ChatBot, the contact form, email, or by ringing or texting us.

Pathway Cleaning Services

Did you know that there are professional pathway cleaning services out there? Well there is! And we offer it here at Reach Wash. What does pathway cleaning involve? We use a commercial pressure washer or steam cleaner to swiftly wash away grime, algae, and weeds that cover countless pathways. Not only do these things make pathways look rundown and shabby, but they can create a slip hazard. So, getting your pathways professionally cleaned restore them back to their original glory and create a safe walkway. We also recommend you getting your pathway treated with anti-moss biocide to prevent future regrowth of moss and algae.

Cladding Cleaning Services

Cladding covers millions of buildings. It comes in a variety of materials and can look very contemporary and stylish. However, just like with everything else, cladding will eventually become dirty and can even fade in colour and vibrancy. To keep your cladding looking fresh and new and in its best possible condition, please do not hesitate to contact us via email, contact form, or ChatBot to arrange a cladding cleaning quote.

Our professional commercial cladding cleaning services include steam cleaning or pressure washing. Our aim is to clean your cladding efficiently and thoroughly, but also treat it well and not damage it. With most cladding materials, if not properly and regularly maintained it can begin to degrade and will at some point need replacing. For more information on our commercial cladding cleaning service, please see our commercial cladding cleaning page.

Render Cleaning Services

Render can be cleaned very easily and thoroughly. Commercial render cleaning services save thousands of pounds as it eliminates the need to replace or paint over render. We have the best render cleaning equipment and techniques and can tackle any kind of dirt, stain, or algae on any kind of render. Contact us today for a render cleaning quote. We also have a commercial render cleaning page with more information.

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Bin Storage Area Cleaning Services

Our commercial bin storage area is perfect for property owners. There are many benefits to getting your bin storage areas professionally and regularly cleaned. Thousands of bin storage areas are infested with all sorts of pests and bacteria. Dirt, grime, and foul odour also plagues many bin storage areas. Creating a clean and hygienic bin storage area is easily achievable with our commercial steam cleaner and pressure washer. Regular cleans and disinfections of your bin storage area will result in a sanitised and safe environment. Contact us today regarding commercial bin storage area cleaning services.

Patio Cleaning Services

We offer professional deep patio cleaning services. Reach Wash commercial cleaners can pressure wash or steam clean a patio at a competitive price. Many customers have been surprised to see their patios turn up a completely different colour after cleaning as years of dirt and grime and exposure to pollution and the elements have built up a layer of filth on the patio giving it a tired, faded look. After deep cleaning your patio we can leave a biocide that prevents future mould, lichen, or algae spores from settling on your patio and taking over.

Brickwork Cleaning & Graffiti Removal Services

Here at Reach Wash we can use our commercial pressure washer for professional brick cleaning services. Our powerful machine is able to quickly and thoroughly restore brickwork back to its original state. We also offer brick steam cleaning services. Using water alone, we can remove any dirt, grime, organic matter or graffiti on brickwork. Contact us for a brick cleaning quote.

Decking Cleaning Services

If you are looking for a company to professionally clean your decking, look no further. Here at Reach Wash we offer a professional deep decking cleaning service. Decking timber can begin to fade and discolour over time if left unmaintained. Hiring Reach Wash to professionally clean and care for your decking will get it back to the quality it should be and make it look new once again. 

Cleaning algae and moss from your decking is vital as it can cause your decking to become very slippery and unsafe. Cleaning and treating your decking will prevent any accidents as well as make your decking look its best. Contact us for a decking cleaning quote.

Petrol Forecourt Cleaning Services

Petrol forecourts are in regular use and can easily accumulate dirt, grime, bacteria, and staining from exhaust fumes and pollutants. Reach Wash offers regular or one off professional petrol forecourt cleaning services to get your petrol forecourt looking as good as new and welcoming to customers. 

There has never been such an emphasis on hygiene as today. And, petrol stations can be one of the number one places to transmit COVID-19. Not only will our professional steam cleaning or pressure washing services leave your petrol forecourt looking its best, but it will also ensure killing bacteria and general grime and dirt. Feel free to get in touch with us to arrange a professional petrol forecourt cleaning session.

Playground Cleaning Services

Why are professional playground cleaning services so important today? With the COVID-19 virus, many playgrounds, parks, and outdoor recreational areas have been a cause for concern. The amount of dirt and bacteria that can gather on public and school playgrounds is truly unbelievable. If you own or manage a park or playground and would like it to be professionally steam cleaned or pressure washed, Reach Wash is the company for you. 

Not only will your playground turn up looking as good as new, but it will also ensure that it is a much safer and hygienic area for children to play. Please contact us either by email, phone, contact form, or ChatBot for a playground cleaning quote.

Tennis Court Cleaning Services & Tarmac Cleaning Services

Reach Wash provides professional deep tennis court cleaning services throughout the UK. Public tennis courts can especially get dirty over the years. As they are opening up again, it’s more important to keep our public spaces clean than ever before.

Our commercial pressure washing machines can cut through and wash away any dirt and stains that plague tennis courts. Tarmac and artificial grass are especially prone to moss and algae. This can create a slippery surface and a safety hazard for tennis players. We can also treat your tennis court to prevent moss and algae from growing in the future. Get in touch with us today to arrange a tennis court cleaning quote.

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