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Powys Roof Cleaners cover Llanfyllin, Welshpool, Llanidloes, Knighton, Rhayader, Builth Wells, Bronllys, and Crickhowell.

Why should you clean your roof?

Powys roof cleaning has developed enormously over the last few years, and now with gentle scraping or steam cleaning followed by an anti-moss biocide, your roof can look as good as new.

Is Powys roof cleaning necessary?

There are a number of unknown benefits when it comes to getting your roof cleaned. Although it does improve the look of your roof and property, it also improves the health of your roof and contributes to a number of other functions on your home, such as preventing water damage and helping gutters do their job.

Mould, mildew, algae, moss, dirt, debris, leaves, stains, and many other things will build up on your roof over time. Exposure to weather and air pollution will also take a toll on your roof. Your roof is one of the most important features of your home or property. Therefore, it is vital that it’s maintained and frequently examined for damage or other issues.

Roof cleaning is especially vital if you have trees surrounding your property. Falling leaves and branches, bird droppings, and a number of other debris can cause your roof’s appearance and integrity to deteriorate over time. The cost of getting your roof cleaned will pale into insignificance when compared to the price of replacing your roof.

Powys roof cleaning extends the life and reliability of roof materials and shingles. You may not think it, but algae and moss can be quite harmful to certain roof materials. Moss, for example, can make asphalt shingles curl as moisture is depleted, making them more likely to fall off of your roof in high winds. This is not only an issue for your roof, but it’s also a health and safety risk. Caring for your roof means caring for your home and everything inside of your home.

Algae, on the other hand, can decrease the efficiency of roof shingles and tiles. Black algae and lichen can negatively tamper with the heating and cooling perks a roof brings to your home. Because of this, there is also a chance that these black streaks will decrease your property’s value, as your roof is practically reflecting heat away, resulting in an increase in utility bills.

Roof cleaning in Powys improves the image, curb appeal, and can even improve the value of your property. Whether you’re selling your property, or just want to enhance its looks, roof cleaning is always a great way of doing so. You may not want to have to replace your roof if it’s old or looking worse for wear. Employing Reach Wash Roof Cleaning services is a cost-effective and swift way of potentially increasing property value.

Powys commercial roof cleaning service will result in a clean and attractive roof, reflecting well on your business, and making it more appealing to customers who visit your business. This way, you can view professional roof cleaning services as an investment for your company.

So, how do you effectively and thoroughly deal with this problem? Should you watch a YouTube video of how to clean a roof, climb up on your own roof, and start scrubbing? This may not be the wisest or most efficient way of roof cleaning. Reach Wash Roof Cleaners use modern roof cleaning technology that eliminates the need to climb and walk all over your roof. But, what’s actually involved in professionally cleaning a roof?

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Powys roof cleaners

How do you clean a roof?

The method Powys roof cleaning professionals use is the scrape, biocide, and low-pressure steam cleaning techniques. This will ensure optimum roof cleaning results, whatever the size, style, and accessibility of your roof.

Step 1Assessing. After you have received a quote and made arrangements for a Reach Wash Roof Cleaner to clean your roof, the contractor will visit your home and prepare and examine the area around your property. We aim to minimise any possible damage to your landscaping, and also will ask you to move any vehicles out of the way.

After this, the roof cleaner will inspect your roof. If we find any damages or issues with your roof, we’d advise you to sort this out before we clean, so as to not cause any water damage to your property.

Step 2Scraping. Whether via ladder or our mobile scaffold platform, we can use our modern roof moss removal scraping tools to get rid of any moss, dirt, and debris that is sitting on your roof. This makes the cleaning process much more effective. Our tailored shingle scrapers can be used on any style of shingle.

Scraping away the debris, Reach Wash Roof Cleaners will always thoroughly clean up the dirt from your gutters and remove it from your property. Or, many have requested to keep the moss and soil to use in their gardens as it makes for a brilliant mulch.

Step 3Low-pressure steam cleaning. The act of steam cleaning a roof brings many benefits. Using a lance from the safety of a ladder or scaffolding completely eradicates the need for walking on your roof. Low-pressure steam is the most powerful way of cleaning any sort of dirt or stain from a roof with immediate. The low-pressure part is so that no damage is done to your roof shingles, making sure they keep their protective layer. The steam part is so that no stain, algae, or lichen is too difficult to clean as high temperatures of water will not only remove organic growth on your roof but also kill its root system.

This is by far one of the best ways for Powys roof cleaning, used by roof cleaning professionals.

Step 4Biocide. What is biocide? This clever substance is the best way to kill and keep away organic substances such as moss, algae, mould, mildew, lichen, and fungi. Also known as bio-wash, this moss and mould inhibitor is a safe and favoured technique of deterring problematic organics.

We safely apply this biocide treatment to your roof. It will then stay on your roof for a long time, keeping mould and moss away. This method deeply penetrates the most stubborn stains. It’s quick, inexpensive, and always guarantees the best possible results.

Step 5Clean up. After steps 1 through to 4 are completed to satisfaction, we will then clean any debris from your gutters and leave your property as we found it – with the exception of a beautifully cleaned roof.

Frequently Asked Roof Cleaning Questions:


Will you be walking around on my roof?

No. The use of ladders or mobile scaffold platforms does away with any need to walk on your roof. Walking on a roof is dangerous, not only for the roof cleaner but it can greatly damage your roof as well. With our lance technology, we can safely and thoroughly clean the entirety of your roof without having to take one step on it. It can also reach difficult areas such as around chimneys, ensuring a most thorough roof clean.

How much does Powys roof cleaning cost?

Depending on the size of your roof, it can cost anywhere from £450-£1450. Residential roof cleaning jobs generally cost considerably less than commercial roof cleaning. However, many commercial roofs are made from materials that are much easier to clean and require less work than residential roofs. You can easily contact us to request a quote. We can measure the area of your roof on Google Earth and assess the type of roof you have and its accessibility.

How long does roof cleaning take?

Again, depending on size, style, material, condition, and access available, roof cleaning jobs generally take from 5 to 10 hours.

Do you pressure wash roofs?

No. Pressure washing a roof in most cases will actually do more harm than good. Our use of low-pressure steam cleaning ensures the best results without the use of jet washing or high-powered machines that strip roof tiles of their protective layer.

What is the black stuff on my roof?

We hope that it is the tough algae called Gloeocapsa magma. This organic substance feeds on many shingle materials, causing long-term damage. The darkness of the algae also reflects heat and can cause your property to experience a certain amount of loss of temperature effectivity. These black algae can be easily dealt with and removed from your roof as quickly as possible with our modern Powys roof cleaning method.

Does cleaning your roof damage it?

If you get your roof cleaned by a professional, who knows exactly what they’re doing, with years of experience and knowledge, who is fully insured and qualified, and with the best tools and equipment, there is no chance that your roof will be damaged. However, by hiring someone without any of the above, then there is a good chance that your roof will be damaged.

Thankfully, Reach Wash Roof Cleaners are professional, conscientious, and helpful Powys roof cleaning contractors that will not only get your roof looking as good as new, but provide a friendly service, give you any roof cleaning advice that you may need, and alert you to any possible issues you may have with your roof and gutters.

Contact us today either by filling out the box, emailing us, ringing us up, or using the chat. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and arrange a convenient date and time to clean your roof.