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Reach Wash Building Wash Down and Cladding Cleaning Services. When it comes to homes and industrial premises, building wash downs and cladding cleaning is quite a time-consuming task. What’s more, there are many misconceptions about the best way to approach this type of cleaning and some which can even cause structural damage to the property.

More specifically, this is not a job to undertake without the right equipment or experience. In other words, cleaning your kitchen window might be straightforward but using a pressure washer on the exterior of your home also has the potential to cause serious damage and consequences.

In this article, we take a closer look at the process and the best way to safely clean or maintain the external facades of any building.

What You Should Know About Building Cleaning and Cladding Cleaning

As you may know, cladding refers to the material which is often applied on top of the exterior of a building. Quite often, this cladding is found below and beneath the gutters but also on many more parts of the building exterior.

In short, while often applied to improve the overall appearance, cladding is tasked with insulating a building and providing another layer of protection against the weather. However, this does not mean that the building is impenetrable and cleaning is essential to ensure the lifespan of the building. Just so you know, cladding comes in many forms such as wood, plastic and aluminium.


At the same time, cleaning the rest of the building is just as important. After all, the building is even more exposed without this cladding and more likely to incur damage or wear and tear over time.


Anyway, the point is, building wash downs and cladding cleaning is important for both the appearance and longevity of any building exterior.


And that’s just part of the story…

The Rising Importance of Cleaning and Maintenance

Most homeowners or landlords were oblivious to the importance of cleaning the exterior of a building. Its true, property is much harder to come by in the modern world which has placed an increased importance on the condition and appearance of property. In other words, buildings with a poor appearance are often ignored for new or modern properties.

When you think of it, renting or investing in a dilapidated building is also a great concern, for legal claims are also on the rise and this is especially true in London. As an example, the Grenfell Tower Fire in London has required building owners to pay more attention to safety and maintenance. While this mostly pertains to the construction of these buildings, maintenance is arguably just as important to avoid or at least reduce the risk of any such disaster.

For this reason, building wash downs and cladding cleaning can not only help restore this appearance but also protect against any potential situations related to such legal issues. That being said, it’s important to hire a professional cleaning service in London to ensure there are no similar problems during the process.

Now, that’s not to say most cleaning services in Kent or Essex can be trusted. The truth is, many independent cleaners are just as competent but you need reason to trust that they will get the job done safely.

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Here are just a few more benefits to cladding cleaning in London, Kent and Essex

Increasing the Building Lifespan – Needless to say, cleaning the building exterior will ensure the façade will last much longer. Also, this is a much better alternative to paying for expensive repairs later on when the building is falling apart.

Improving the Appearance – A clean exterior is as obvious as a sore thumb. After any building wash down or cladding cleaning, the appearance of a building is often similar to when it was first built. Meanwhile, cleaning the exterior can also ensure the building is not accompanied by any unwanted smells which is often a consideration that building owners fail to realize.


Better Maintenance – Cleaning the exterior of a building will often point out issues that need to be fixed. For example, while cleaning the walls or fascia, the professional will sometimes come across cracks that should be repaired. 


Cleaning is Affordable – Cleaning is a long-term strategy that can also reduce the cost of maintenance. That is to say, clean buildings will incur less damage or wear and tear over time which will usually remove the cost of expensive repairs

About the Process: Softwashing Versus Pressure Washing

Cladding is designed to protect and strengthen the building. With this in mind, it tends to be rather strong or robust which suggests pressure washing might be the best option in terms of cleaning.


On the contrary, pressure washing can cause damage and this is especially true without the guidance of a professional. Now, that’s not to say high pressure washing is not ideal, for this is often the most suitable way to clean a building. Instead, take this as a friendly reminder that certain cladding can withstand a lot more pressure than others.


As a rule, the main objective is to remove stains and any biological infection/germs that might be gathering on the exterior. Softwashing can often take care of this job and produce the very same results as any high-pressure washer. For this reason, softwashing is most certainly the best option if you wish to do the job yourself, while professionals will also use this process for some sections.


After careful deliberation, the end result should be an attractive, clean and presentable exterior.

About Hiring the Professionals for Building Wash Downs and Cladding Cleaning London

When you search for a cladding cleaning service in London, there are certain factors that you must consider. Recommendations or online reviews are always helpful in this sense but all considered, the objective should be to find the most reliable cleaning service that can get the job done for an affordable rate. While the quality of the work is most important, here are some factors to consider:

Who – You should know precisely who will show up on the day and gain access to your property

Experience – What kind of reputation does the cleaning service in London have?

Equipment – What kind of equipment does the service have access to?

Cost – Does this cleaning service offer affordable rates for cladding cleaning?

Just so you know, the best cleaning services in London will use a combination of softwashing and high-quality products. With low pressure, the professionals ensure there is no lasting damage to the exterior, while producing superior results with the use of the very best cleaning products.

In this sense, most companies now use alkali-free cleaning products to make sure no stains or marks are left on the building exterior. When you consider the popularity of laminate and wood cladding, this only heightens the importance of using harmless products for cleaning the building.

As for equipment, scaffolding platforms and cherry pickers are common but the best companies now use water-fed poles to produce improved results. That is to say, these extended poles can remove the need for other expensive equipment and get the job done safely from the ground.

Here are some of the basic steps involved with building wash downs and cladding cleaning:

Basic Steps for Building Wash Downs and Cladding Cleaning in London

  1. Cleaning service will analyse the exterior to check if paint or varnish is cracked.


  1. Professional will clear the area to ensure no damage is caused to objects in the vicinity.


  1. All grass, mold, debris or algae is removed from the surface.


  1. Professional will start cleaning the exterior using a combination of softwashing and cleaning products.


  1. Building exterior will be assessed and process will be repeated until clean.


Needless to say, this is just a few of the most basic steps for cladding cleaning and building wash downs. Without experience, this process is not likely to produce safe or sufficient results.

Final Thoughts

Cladding cleaning and building wash downs is now a common procedure in London but this is only true in recent times. In other words, many property owners are only starting to realize the true importance and benefits of cleaning the exterior of a building. At the same time, experience is necessary to remove the risk of damage and specialist equipment is required for the actual process.

While you might find the local window cleaner is eager to get on with the job for you but when it comes to building wash downs or cladding cleaning, the professionals know best. Either way, this time-consuming process is important and the end-result is an attractive exterior with a much greater life expectancy.

Cladding cleaning service in London, Kent and Essex and Surrey.

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