Using the Reach and Wash method for cleaning windows

The Reach and Wash Window Cleaning Method

You may have noticed more and more window cleaners using an enormous pole system to clean windows at a height. On the other hand, maybe you’ve better things to be doing than watching window cleaners!

Anyway, it’s called the reach and wash system and this new technology enables commercial window cleaning companies to get the job done safely, and without using any chemicals. It’s true, this fantastic method uses pure water only and we highly recommend this pole system as opposed to using ladders.

Now, it’s not rocket-science either but let’s take a close look at the process.

An Introduction to Reach and Wash Commercial Window Cleaning

While reach and wash commercial window cleaning is much safer than the traditional bucket and ladder, it must be said that this technique is just as effective. In other words, you can expect those windows to sparkle just as much as they do after a mop, squeegee and some tender loving care.

At the same time, considering the number of height-related accidents in the UK, this option is an obvious choice for companies due to safety. As professionals with many years of experience, I can confirm that we also prefer this method and appreciate being able to keep our feet on the ground during the process.

What’s more, the reach and wash method is much faster and a lot more friendly in terms of the environment. As if that’s not enough, it tends to be more cost-effective and this is something that benefits everyone involved in a sense that we want your business and you want the best price for the job.

But how does this system work exactly?

How Does the Reach and Wash System Work Exactly?

Our Reach & Wash method uses a water-fed pole to reach windows above ground level. As this pole can extend quite a long distance, it means that we can even clean windows more than 60-feet off the ground.

In case you might be asking yourself, this extendable pole is very lightweight for the size which enables us to navigate safely around the building. Pole systems vary in terms of quality but with the right material, you can rest assured that this method is just as effective as climbing up there to clean them by hand.

We also enjoy this system because climbing ladders is not only slow but incredibly dangerous and this is especially true at such a great height. But back to the process…

During this process, water is pumped up through a tube next to the pole and released upon command when it reaches the brush on the head. As you might expect, the water is delivered with a lot of pressure which ensures the flow is sufficient to reach the very top of the pole.

Soft filament brushes on the top of the pole allow us to remove stubborn stains on the windows, while making sure that the frames are not damaged in any way. If the building happens to be old or of heritage status, you should also know that this brush is so sensitive that it will not do any damage. You can even use reach and wash systems on stain glass windows and this is possibly the most sensitive type of glass.

And that’s just part of the story…

The real science behind the reach and wash commercial windows cleaning system is the fact that we use pure water. It might sound rather simply but the truth is, pure, deionized water is especially good for cleaning windows.

You see, tap water is full of minerals and chemicals which means it dries up very quickly when it hits the window. On the other hand, demineralized and deionized water does not which makes it very effective.

But Why the Reach and Wash System?

Traditional window cleaning involved ladders and buckets throughout the years but this new technology has changed the game. It has allowed us to train employees to master the process and improve their technique without having to worry about the dangers associated with ladders.

It’s actually quite a big deal because from experience, I know that the job gets done faster and better.

Unfortunately, some of our previous clients had a sense of mistrust for water-fed poles and insisted that we continue with ladders. However, it was a shame for this to transpire, for we knew from experience that the pole system was incredibly efficient. What’s more, the reach and wash system not only requires a lot of up front investment, but the equipment also needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

Why are we telling you this?

Well, we would not be investing in this equipment if we did not believe in the system.

If you want another reason for loving the reach and wash system as much as us, you could also consider the large savings this provides for the fact that you do not need cranes, cherry pickers of abseiling gear.

More Benefits of Reach and Wash for Commercial Cleaning

While the benefit of this system should be clear by now, let’s recap with the following:

Better Results – Reach and wash cleaning produces better results and cleans windows just as well as traditional methods.

Longevity – Deionized water ensures that the glass can stay clean for longer.

Eco-Friendly – Reach and wash does not use chemicals or cleaning detergents.

Safety – We keep our feet on the ground and there is no risk of damage to the immediate surroundings.

No Damage – Reach and wash does not disturb landscaping or any structural issues in the area.

When you think of it, this last point is very important for commercial cleaning. In the past, ladders have always posed some sort of obstacle in the workplace. That is to say, ladders get in the way and moving them from one ledge to another is not exactly kind on the structure of the building.

With this in mind, you can save your paintwork, be kind to the flowerbeds and take comfort in the fact that this new technology is fully compliant with all health and safety regulations in the UK.

But why doesn’t everyone use it?

Believe it or not, most cleaning companies cannot afford the technology. Meanwhile, you will find that some owners are reluctant to change and do not realize the amazing nature of the reach and wash method. We felt like this too, many years ago, but things change and sometimes you need to change with them.

Insurance for Reach and Wash Commercial Cleaning

Just so you know, we have all the necessary insurance for our reach and wash system. We do not expect to use this and have never experienced a problem with the method but insurance is important nevertheless.

We also know the importance of insurance and safety in commercial environments so please know that you are dealing with professional window cleaners who get the job done safely and without any issues.

Public liability Insurance – We are fully insured in the case of members of the public suffering injury as a result of our operations. Likewise, our insurance covers any damage to the property itself.

Employers’ Liability Insurance – Our staff is also fully insured. Not that you need to know but we might like to be as forthcoming as possible.

Equipment Insurance – Our equipment is insured for any incidents related to loss, theft or accidental damage.

Hiring Our Commercial Window Cleaning Team

While we work with commercial buildings, we do use our system on residential properties from time to time. However, this must be through a building management company rather than individual owners.

That being said, we cover commercial buildings regardless of size and this includes anything from two-storey office buildings to skyscrapers in the city. As long as we cover the location, we are always happy to provide you with a quotation and an estimated time for when we can do the job.

Final Thoughts

What more can we say? Reach and wash commercial window cleaning is the only method you should consider for high-rise buildings. By all means, go ahead if you want to waste money on an expensive cherry picker or experienced abseilers but why bother when you can use our fantastic system?

By the way, we do still use ladders and the traditional methods for our commercial services. In fact, sometimes this option is better depending on the circumstances. Either way, you need the right people for the job and dare we say that you have just found the people you were looking for!

Want a free quotation? We can send out one of our representatives – Get in Touch! 

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