Should I buy a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner? What are the benefits of this Hoover?

Should I buy a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner What are the benefits
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A Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is a great addition to any household.  You can use it for so many different jobs inside the home and outside as well. Where a Wet and Dry Hoover differs from an ordinary domestic vacuum cleaner is that it can be used to clean up liquids and spillages as well as dry materials, so this type of vacuum cleaner can be indispensable in busy households and tough environments.

A Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is designed for jobs that are too tough for a domestic vacuum cleaner to handle. You can use it to clean the car and the garage and workshop. You can use it for all types of liquid and dry waste including sand, mud and debris from household DIY projects such as sawdust, swarf and nuts and bolts.

You can also use it inside your home as your principle vacuum cleaner if required. However for convenience it may better to have a small domestic vacuum cleaner for general daily housework as most Wet and Dry models can more heavy and cumbersome than ordinary vacuum cleaners.

How does a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner work?

All Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners vary according to the modelHowever they all feature a bucket system rather than a bag, usually separating the liquids from the dry in a two bucket system. The cleaner sucks up the dirt through an inlet port in the same way as a conventional vacuum cleaner and then releases it into the correct bucket depending on whether it is liquid or dry. Many Wet and Dry Vacs also have a blower function which can be extremely useful for a range of purposes.

All Wet and Dry Vacs come with attachments that enable you to clean in tight corners and many have interchangeable brushes. You can buy brush heads especially designed for buffing hardwood floors for example or for heavy duty purposes such as cleaning cement floors or removing debris and grout from floor tiling.

If you are carrying out home improvements or undertaking a major DIY building project, having a Wet and Dry Vac will make your clean-up operation much quicker and far easier than using the old fashioned mop and bucket or dust pan and brush. An ordinary domestic vacuum cleaner just does not have the same power as a Wet and Dry.

Numatics Henry Wash from Numatic

Reviewed on Amazon in the United Kingdom on 3 January 2019

I once sold carpet cleaning and know a bit about it. This domestic machine is similar to the ‘hot water extraction’ type cleaners the professionals use. Although there is no heater element, this is not really necessary in a domestic situation where hot water is on tap usually. This British machine from Chard in Somerset has excellent fittings for the clean fluid solution and robust cleaning tools. The motor is adequate and I am very pleased with the results and ease of set up etc. It is easier than an Ikea flat pack! You do need to put some effort in as there is obviously no mechanical brush etc. Have not used on hard floors yet and doubt if I will. For the very reasonable price and next day free delivery on Prime and after a few hours of use, so far so good. Cleaning fluid with non-foam etc is available on-line at much less cost than what you pay when you hire via the dry cleaners or supermarket – but those are OK for big areas up and down I guess – this is great for stairs etc. Rug Docs even charge £2.99 to rent that attachment on top of £24 a day plus chemicals at very high prices! Read more….

The benefits of a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Although these vacuum cleaners were primarily designed for commercial use, they can be surprisingly useful for a wide range of jobs around the home that would destroy most makes of domestic vacuum cleaner. The sort of job that for which the Wet and Dry is suitable, include some of the following:

  • Unblocking kitchen and bathroom sinks. This is made easy by use of the blower function that will clear away any blockages with the force of the air.
  • Cleaning round open fires and wood burning stoves. A Wet and Dry is perfectly adapted to cleaning up ash and other wood debris as long as it is cold.
  • Cleaning your curtains and furniture. Most Wet and Dry Vacs come with cleaning attachments that are suitable for use on fabrics.
  • Cleaning your carpets. You can use your Wet and Dry as a carpet cleaner by adding the detergent to the carpet and deep cleaning in the usual way without damaging your domestic vacuum cleaner by attempting to clean up damp material.
  • Cleaning and buffing wood flooring. Wooden floors are popular right now and a Wet and Dry will help you keep them in pristine condition. Many Wet and Dry Vacs have attachments especially designed for this purpose.
  • In bad weather, you can use your Wet and Dry to quickly clear away snow from your property with the blower function.
  • Tackling household disasters such as flooding or burst pipes. You can use the Wet and Dry to clear away surface water and mucky residue left by flooding or water leaks.
  • Cleaning your garage or workshop. A Wet and Dry is perfectly designed for cleaning up all types of material including metal objects such as nuts and screws , swarf or wood shavings.
  • Tidying the garden. You can use the Wet and Dry for blowing dry leaves and debris into a tidy pile for easy disposal.

Clearing up broken glass and other breakages around the home and garden

Other Wet and Dry Hoovers on Amazon Worth a Look

So the Vax is the most expensive, yet the reviews say Numatics Henry Wash is better.

So should I buy a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

A Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is extremely useful and versatile for both indoor and outdoor use so most people will definitely find a use for it, whether it is to clean your carpets, your workshop or clean up any other incident in the home. In our opinion every home should have one.

You do have a wide range of sizes and models to choose from. Smaller models are not much bigger than some ordinary dry vacuum cleaners – so are ideal if you primarily want to use indoors for domestic incidents and carpet cleaning. Larger models – the type used for commercial purposes, will be more suitable if you are undergoing building renovations or generally carry out lots of DIY projects.

A Wet and Dry Vacuum cleaner does not have to be expensive. Prices can start at as little as around £60 so it is not a big investment. However larger models can be around the £250.00 price range.

What should I look for when buying a Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner?

Before you buy, you need to decide on how you are most likely to be using your Wet and Dry.  For occasional use, such as cleaning up after the odd disaster, carpet cleaning and general domestic purposes, you should be fine with a small model. However if you are likely to be using your Wet and Dry every day in your workshop or for your building project, a more heavy duty powerful model will be the best choice.

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