Most effective method to sanitize my home

If you owned this Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Best Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors, Cars, and More you could sanitize your home during this Covid19 virus pandemic with up to 275°F!! Simply amazing! but let not us sway you, read on…

How to chose the best steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are such fantastic machines and one of the simplest ways to remove stains with the least amount of effort needed. In fact, you can use a steam cleaner on so many surfaces and objects that many people decide to purchase one for the home.

But should you buy a steam cleaner for the home or even the workplace?

Well, that depends on whether you want to do the cleaning yourself. You see, as straightforward as it may seem, steam cleaning takes time and attention to get the job done. As you know, most people simply don’t have the time or will to do this work and so buying a steam cleaner may not make a lot of sense.

On the other hand, maybe you enjoy cleaning just as much as myself and want to have a reliable machine that you can use at will on almost any surface in the home.

In this article, let’s take a look at the steam cleaner, what they do, how to choose one and how to use a steam cleaner to create the best possible outcome:

What is a Steam Cleaner exactly?

Steam Cleaners use a vaporized heat system to clean, disinfect and sanitize various surfaces.

Okay, those are some very nice words nice but really, what is a steam cleaner?

I like to keep things simple. When the water is past boiling point, you can use a small trigger to release steam onto a surface. As this steam dries quickly, there is no suction necessary so wiping the area with a cloth is the only thing left to do. However, there is a correct procedure in terms of how to use a steam cleaner which I will talk about in a moment. 

For now, I just want to point out the simplicity of a steam cleaner. You see, these fantastic machines can remove heavy stains or kill dust mites and provide an efficient deep clean to almost any surface.

Now, not all steam cleaners are created equal so let’s take a look at some differences between certain machines and how to choose one that actually works:

How to Choose a Steam Cleaner That Actually Works

As you may know, there are two types of steam cleaner – cool steam cleaners and dry steam cleaners. You will find a very distinct difference between the two but each one can provide very similar results.

Dry Steam Cleaner – Most efficient machine which is often cordless and more affordable. However, they also need to be refilled with water more often and hand-held options are not as powerful.

Cool Steam Cleaners – Fantastic machines that produce steam without any boiling water and uses a dry steam to clean surfaces.

Some steam cleaners can take a very long time to heat up and for this reason. You see, certain steam cleaners need to be refilled often and take more than forty five minutes to warm up which can be quite annoying when you want to get on with the job.

Also, even when the machine has heated up and ready to use, with some machines you need to hold the gun in place for up to twenty seconds in order for the steam to take effect. Again, this can delay the process and leave you frustrated if the machine is something you use often.

With this in mind, I always recommend that you find a machine that can produce steam within just a few minutes and release this steam immediately. Needless to say, you should choose a sturdy machine with solid features and a price tag that you can afford.

What You Can Do With a Steam Cleaner

Steam is very effective on many different surfaces such as tiles, counters, floors and mirrors. What’s more, steam cleaners can be used to clean mattresses, curtains and even the living room sofa. As it that’s not enough, I use my steam cleaner on door knobs, light switches, ceiling fans, litter trays, pet cages, car seats, tyre rims, oven grills and anything else to which it causes no damage!

But wait, there are certain “things” that you should not try to clean with a steam cleaner….

For many people, they jump right in at the deep end and start cleaning everything in the home with their new steam cleaner. But steam and the power of these machines is simply too much for the likes of hardwood, painted walls or window glass. Needless to say, cardboard or paper items don’t hold up very well to steam and anything delicate should also be spared from this steam.

Moral of the story: Think about the impact before using a steam cleaner and know that these machines can cause more damage than good to some surfaces.

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Some Benefits of a Steam Cleaner

You know, there are very few downsides to a steam cleaner and this is especially true for when we consider the environment. In other words, steam cleaners are eco-friendly and dry quickly without sending any harmful fumes into the air. As if that’s not enough, steam cleaners can get into every nook and cranny and even remove super difficult substances including chewing gum and glue.

When it comes to steam cleaning in the home, these benefits can make this a much faster or convenient solution than getting down on one knee to scrub endlessly for substandard results. On the other hand, with the amount of time you spend taking this approach, steam cleaning is usually a much more affordable option that will most often produce much better results.

But how can you use a steam cleaner and ensure the best results?

How to Use a Steam Cleaner in 5 Easy Steps

As already mentioned, it’s a really straightforward process but these steps should help take some of the hassle out of steam cleaning an area of your home or workplace:

  1. Move All Furniture Out of the Way – It’s got nothing to do with the steam affecting the furniture but rather that you want a clear run at the surface.
  1. Vacuum or Brush the Area – Many people rush straight in with the steam cleaner but you actually need to remove as much dirt or dust as possible before getting started. For this reason, vacuum the area and leave the rest of the stains etc for the steam cleaner.
  1. Add Some Detergent – You can add some detergent or even shampoo to the water depending on the surface but not too much as the steam should be enough to do most of the work.
  1. Start in the Right Place – As with washing a floor, you don’t want to clean your way into the corner. That is to say, when you finish cleaning an area, you don’t want to have to walk back over this surface before it has time to dry. Instead, start in a specific corner and work your way back to your nearest exit.
  1. Wait for the Surface to Dry – Open doors and windows to allow air into the area but either way, you should wait as long as possible before walking on or using the surface.

Needles to say, these are simply the basic steps involved and you will need to take care and time to ensure that no stains or unwanted substances remain on the surface during the above process.

Hiring a Professional Instead of Buying a Steam Cleaner

Now, as always, you may not actually want to clean these surfaces. On the other hand, maybe you don’t have time and maybe you just don’t want to buy your own steam cleaner.

Hiring a professional is the obvious solution in this case and while there are many big companies who offer this kind of services for a premium, I usually recommend a more affordable option.

You see, while these companies can certainly get the job done, they usually charge a much higher price to cover the costs of running their businesses. On the other hand, your local cleaning service is likely to have a steam cleaner and can do the same job for a much lower price.

In fact, anytime my friends or family ask for advice on their carpets, upholstery etc. I usually tell them to contact a reliable window cleaner in the area to ask for a quotation. What’s more, you will probably get this quotation a lot faster than a big company and the actual work complete within just a few days.

The truth is, I love the steam cleaner and how versatile this machine can be for the home. But for most of my customers, I also know that buying a steam cleaner is not an option and most people are simply too busy to steam clean their carpets or the many surfaces in their home.

With that said, how can I be of service to you? Reach Washing Cleaning is a local cleaning service with high tech steam cleaning machines that get the job done faster, better and cheaper!

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