What are the best oven cleaning products?

What are the best oven cleaning products? Are you fed with your evening means tasting like everything else you put in the oven lately? It happens, you might have a relatively new oven and enough know-how in the kitchen to put Jamie Oliver to shame but every oven needs to be given a good clean from time to time.

Now, it really is a simple process but the last thing we want is to send a nauseating cloud of chemicals into every other room of the house. What’s more, let’s assume that you don’t have a self cleaning oven and you want the easiest yet most effective way to clean the oven.

So in this article, we will answer the question of how to clean your oven at home and at work, without making like too hard on yourself:

Aside from when you first pick one up at the store, it’s perfectly “normal” to have a sticky coating of black grease on the inside of an oven. It’s awful and when you don’t have a self cleaning oven, it can be downright depressing to think about.

But wait, there is hope at the end of that dark, greasy tunnel…

You see, you can most definitely get rid of that black grime and those disturbingly sticky patches in the oven. More importantly, you don’t have to fill the room, or any room, with a cloud of nauseating chemicals. In fact, if you really want to avoid them, you can clean the oven at home or at work using natural substances and the following items:

Dish cloth x 2

Plastic spatula

White vinegar

Baking soda

Spray bottle

Latex gloves

While the latex gloves are not completely necessary, you can probably imagine things are going to get messy from here on out. For this reason, latex gloves beats having grime stuck between your fingernails for the next fortnight.

Note – At the same time, if you do have a self cleaning oven or you happen to pick one up down the road, keep in mind that this self cleaning function has a lifespan. In other words, if the oven is fifteen years old, I would think carefully about putting it into action.

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How to Clean Your Oven in 7 Easy Steps

  1. Getting the Oven Ready

Firstly, take the oven racks or trays out of the oven and place them aside. You can clean these items separately, but they will only get in the way inside the over.

  1. Creating the Baking Soda Mixture

Next, you will need to create a nice mixture of baking soda and water which will be the solution that removes most of the grime from inside the oven. As a rule, try to mix just a few tablespoons of water with one half cup of the baking soda. If you need to add more powder or water to get the right consistency, feel free to do so until it’s nice and thick.

  1. Spreading the Solution

When everything is removed and the paste is ready, don the latex gloves and start spreading the mixture on the inside surfaces of the over. While it’s not necessary to have ten or even two coatings on these surfaces, spend a few minutes trying to cover every inch of the interior.

As you spread this solution around your oven, you might notice the baking soda turning into a slightly brown colour. It’s okay for this to happen but try to stay away from the heat elements inside as the paste is not suitable for cleaning these fixtures.

  1. Leave the Mixture to Work for 12 Hours

Ideally, you will leave this mixture to work on the oven surfaces overnight but at the very least, leave it sit for twelve hours in total. During this time, you might want to clean the oven racks or whatever else you took out of the oven. Alternatively, I like to have as many cups of tea as possible and catch up on the yoga I keep on promising myself to do!

Anyway, on to the next step….

  1. Wipe Out the Baking Soda

After pulling on the gloves again, take a dish cloth and start wiping the baking soda mixture out the oven. Yes, this is the messy part of the job and you will probably need a plastic spatula to scrape some of the tougher residue off there.

  1. Spraying the Vinegar

Vinegar has a very interesting reaction when it meets baking soda so there’s something strangely satisfying or fun about this step. Pour some white vinegar into the spray bottle and spray this vinegar over whatever remains you can see of the baking soda. It foams up at this point and the smell is rather bad but don’t worry, this means it’s working.

  1. Wipe Out the Oven

Lastly, take a second unused cloth, run it under the tap and squeeze the cloth until it’s nice and damp. Put back on the gloves and start wiping the foamy mixture out of the oven, along with whatever other strange residue might be left in there.

Repeat this process until the oven looks brand-spanking new, for sometimes the residue needs a little more encouragement to part with the surface of the oven.

That’s it, you’ve finally figured out how to clean your oven at home and at work. As you can see, it’s quite a simple process but you need to follow these steps in order to make life easier on yourself.

But what’s the alternative to cleaning your oven?

Well, you could buy chemicals that will most certainly blast every last piece of debris out of your oven and well into the middle of next week.                        

Joking aside, this is an option, albeit a toxic one, so let me explain how it’s done:

What Chemicals Can Be Used to Clean Your Oven?

The truth is, chemicals can get clean your oven and remove the grime much in the same way as the above process. As it turns out, it’s possibly just as effective but as mentioned, it’s most definitely the best way to fill the house with fumes that are strong enough to singe the cats whiskers.


As for what chemicals or brands that you will find out there: Astonish, HG Oven, Mr Muscle and Oven Mate are just a few names to mention.


As with the baking soda mixture, the job with these chemicals is pretty straightforward. You clear out the oven and simply spray one of these chemicals on all the surfaces inside the oven. After the same period mentioned above (12 hours), you can start wiping all the grime out with a damp cloth and keep doing so until the oven is clean.

The Problem with Cleaning Your Oven with Chemicals

What I will say about using these chemicals is that you need to be careful. It’s not that I want to dissuade or convince you in any way but rather inform you that it’s not advised to inhale these chemicals.


Also, the chemicals are often not as effective as the baking soda mixture as the sprays tend to miss certain parts of the oven. At the very least, you are likely to end up doing this process more than once which obviously takes a lot longer than what we talked about above.

Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Oven at Home or at Work

As you can see, it takes time to clean your oven. Needless to say, it’s not rocket science or dentistry or even astrology but many people simply don’t have time for cleaning the oven. More specifically, if this happens to be an oven at work, who gets the job and who has time away from the actual work to get this done?

I know that several industrial cleaning companies will sometimes offer to take on these jobs but in most instances, one oven is obviously not enough for them to send out a crew. On the other hand, you probably don’t want to pay the high fees that come with these services or even wait for them to schedule you in.

For this reason, I always tell my friends or family or anyone that will listen, it’s best to contact your local window cleaner. As you may know, these professionals tend to handle all types of cleaning jobs and with just one or few tasks on which to focus, they also tend to do a better job. What’s more, they offer lower prices and when it comes to calling out, they usually show up within a day or two.

Either way, follow the above steps or contact someone who will and remember, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about – Jamie Oliver told me that !

If you have any questions or need any assistance, Reach Wash Cleaning is a local and affordable cleaning service that can clean your oven at home or at work!

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