How to Clean Your Carpets Like the Professionals

How to clean your carpets like a professional. You might be wondering how to clean carpets like the professionals and believe it or not, the most efficient process is really straightforward. That being said, you will need certain machines and chemicals to get the job done right and a little experience can go a long way toward producing the best results.

In fact, while certain natural ingredients are fantastic for removing stains, I have to say that there is simply nothing like a deep clean and machines are always necessary for this process.

In this article, we take a closer look at how to clean carpets and one product in particular which can can often leave your carpets looking like brand-new:

What is the Best Way to Clean Your Carpets?

If this is your first time to clean a carpet, you might want to know about the various options available. That is to say, you may not need a machine or even a deep clean and some simple spray solution is sometimes enough for removing minor stains. At the same time, I want to make sure you are covered and for this reason, I will outline the different approaches you might want to take depending on the condition of your carpet.

What Chemicals or Ingredients Should You Use to Clean Your Carpets

As you may know, there are certain natural ingredients which can clean and remove stubborn stains from your carpet. For example, salt or baking soda is fantastic for soaking up stains and the latter can also get rid of any unwanted smells. Meanwhile, white wine can be used to equalize a dreaded red wine stain and tonic or soda water is especially good for removing coffee stains.

On the other hand, chemicals and dedicated cleaning products are still the best option for cleaning carpets. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the different types of carpet cleaner:

Types of Carpet Cleaning Products

As a rule, there are four main types of product or solution which can be used to clean your carpets – foam, liquid, spray and powder.


Foam Cleaners – Foam cleaners are quite rigorous and great for removing stubborn red wine stains in particular.


Liquid Cleaners – Many liquid cleaners are made for cleaning machines. However, just as many are specifically designed to be sprayed on spot stains and then removed later on with a vacuum.


Spray Cleaners – Specifically made to spray on sport stains like wine or coffee. Once again, this is left on the stain for several hours and then removed with a vacuum.


Powder Cleaners – Powder cleaners are best for removing the common dirt on your carpet and just so you know, there is no need to rub this powder into the carpet.

Rug Doctor X3 Professional Carpet Cleaner, 1200 W, 11.4 liters,

What Chemicals to Use for Cleaning Your Carpet

Rug Doctor, Dyson Zorb Power and Van Ultra are popular carpet cleaners but the truth is, Ashby’s is by far the best option for removing stains. What’s more, this chemical poses no notable health risks and has a nice odor compared with many alternatives in the market.

Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent, 4 Litre

More About Ashby’s Carpet Cleaner

Ashby’s carpet cleaner is a powder detergent which is best used in a wet carpet cleaning machines. As you may know, these machines can heat up a mixture of water and detergent, while a wand is used for cleaning the actual carpet. That being said, it’s not essential to heat this water and the formula tends to work just as well at lower temperatures.

Taking the Natural Approach to Cleaning Your Carpets

Just in case you decide to go ahead without a machine, here is brief guide for how to clean spot stains with some natural ingredients.


Vinegar and Soap – After stirring one table spot of soap into some warm water, add the same amount of white vinegar to the solution. However, make sure to test this solution on a smaller area before proceeding with the rest of the carpet. At this point, you can use a clean cloth to slowly rub this stain out of the carpet.


Baking Soda – For especially difficult stains like red wine, you can place some baking soda on these areas and gently blot the surface with a clean cloth or paper towel.


The truth is, deep cleaning your carpets is not always necessary and the above is often a temporary fix for unwanted stains. In case you might be asking yourself, soap is also non-toxic yet still strong enough to remove the vast majority of dirt and grime from your carpet. Either way, the trick is to blot the surface area of the carpet and use a towel to soak up the remaining water.

Renting or Buying Your Carpet Cleaning Machine

Now, this is a personal decision entirely but you may want to either rent or buy a carpet cleaning machine for the job. Either way, you really do need this machine to give the carpet a deep clean and needless to say, renting a machine is often the best solution when you only have a few carpeted areas to clean. That being said, you can also hire a professional. But more on that later.

How to Clean Your Carpet in Four Easy Steps

When you use a wet machine with wand to clean the carpet, you should find that the results are always far greater than without a machine. As if that’s not enough, the wand is usually light enough to make the job convenient yet heavy enough to apply enough force to the carpet.


Here are the simple steps involved for cleaning your carpet with a machine:


  1. Mix Detergent with the Water and Heat


One scoop of Ashby’s is usually enough but you can mix as much as two 15ml scoops to 20 litres of warm water for especially dirty carpets. You can then switch on the machine and heat the water.


  1. Remove Furniture and Items from the Carpet


If you have rugs or mats on the carpet, remove these items along with any lightweight furniture. If you wish, the heavier items can be left in place until a particular area is clean and then move the furniture over to this section so that you can clean the rest of the carpet.


  1. Spray Stubborn Spots


Whether you use Ashby’s or not, spray some concentrated solution on stubborn stains, and leave this solution to soak into the carpet. If you want, you can also attempt to remove some of the surface dirt by rubbing this area with a clean cloth.


  1. Start Cleaning the Carpet with the Wand


When cleaning a carpet, you should always start in corner and work your way back towards the exit. That way, you will not need to walk on the carpet to leave the room afterward.


As for technique, this is very similar to vacuuming and the more you brush an area, the more likely you will remove the stains. Take your time, try not to stay too long on any one area and make sure you allow for enough time to dry before walking on the carpet.


Now, that’s not to that no attention is needed for cleaning the carpet. The truth is, the results will always depend on the amount of time and attention you put into this part of the process.


But wait, there is one other solution to cleaning your carpet….

Hiring a Professional to Clean Your Carpet

As with everything in life, cleaning your carpets will take time. As already mentioned, a little experience will also help and then owning a carpet cleaning machine is always a bonus.

That being said, most people do not own a machine and just as many people are without the time it takes to clean their carpets. What’s more, the cost of renting a machine is not always worth the investment or you simply may not want to add another machine to the growing number of possessions in your home.

With this in mind, you might want to consider hiring a professional to get the job done for you. Needless to say, these professionals have all the necessary machines and are much more likely to do a better job. As if that’s not enough, they are sure to clean the carpet quickly, and leave you with time to focus on other important matters.

That being said, I always recommend my friends and family to contact a local cleaning service for this kind of work as opposed to an industrial company. After all, if you find a reliable individual, the price is sure to be significantly less than contacting a larger company.


It’s true, cleaning your carpet is a rather straightforward forward job but you don’t always have the time, experience or will to get started. Also, the cost of renting a machine doesn’t always make sense and hiring a processional will often seem like the one solution that makes most sense.

Either way, good luck with cleaning your carpets and just so you know, Reach Wash Cleaning is an affordable carpet cleaning service that can get the job done for you, at a very reasonable price.

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